Pietro Dressing is a soy sauce-based Italian dressing created over thirty years
ago by Kunihiko Murata, an innovative Japanese chef.
Since then it has become a standard on the Japanese dinner table.
Selling 17 million bottles a year, it is the top selling soy sauce dressing in Japan.
We use only seasonal onions,
and each and every one is carefully selected and cut by hand.
This way we ensure that only the freshest onions are used.

The factory where our dressing is made is
more like a kitchen than a big processing
plant. It is made almost entirely by hand,
and no heat processing is involved —
so our ingredients stay fresh.

It goes with almost anything and even picky eaters love it.
Many customers have told us that Pietro dressing
even got their kids to eat their vegetables!
It’s more than just a salad dressing. It goes great with pasta, fish, and meat
dishes, hot or cold. Use it to make carpaccio, add it to BBQ sauce,
or mix it with some mayonnaise for a simple but delicious dip.
The possibilities are endless!
Our dressing contains very few artificial ingredients.
And it has no cholesterol or preservatives,
so you can rest assured you are eating healthy.
Pietro products can be shipped internationally via tenso.com.

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